Britney Spears - Lucky
27 ноября 2012

Britney Spears - Lucky

Music video by Britney Spears performing Lucky. (C) 2001 Britney Television L.L.C.
Надеемся, Вы в восторге от клипа Britney Spears - Lucky.

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#1 написал: TrineKJoh (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
He/she never said that Britney wrote it herself, just that it felt like she did. And she's actually been really involved with the writing on her latest albums.She's had help, but she wrote most of the songs. She got more control as she grew up. She took charge. Bad ass woman really :) But yeah this song? is from the time when she just got pushed around. But i agree with "bookcreator" it does feel like she wrote it herself :)
#2 написал: lifeofabucket (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
official first? world problems anthem
#3 написал: Ren Garcia (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
imagine iphone? or blackberry 2:23
#4 написал: natsurin723 (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
This is my favorite Britney? song...
#5 написал: Brenda Avila (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
At this time a brand new RIHANNA SEX TAPE was leeched I was confident this girl is a true skank? , Check her video here : It's mad
#6 написал: wyzyrddrummer (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
prettiest look? for me is the red outfit at 0:42
#7 написал: Tkarl (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
Dr? luke dr luke dr lukeeee
#8 написал: Santi Ev (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
Surprise: you didn't get what he? really meant.
#9 написал: Allison Presley (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
love? this song
#10 написал: julieanne revilla (29 ноября 2012 10:47)
it's so beautiful song :)?
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