Eminem - 3 a.m.
27 ноября 2012

Eminem - 3 a.m.

Eminem - 3 a.m.
Music video by Eminem performing 3 a.m.. (C) 2009 Aftermath Records
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#1 написал: Justin Nahodil (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
I love this song, makes me think? what would happen If I truly let go of society's hold on me...
#2 написал: shtmfsi (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
are you 3 years old? :O! haha just kidding
#3 написал: fmb436 (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
Tight jam.?
#4 написал: ALLAHU AKBAR (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
ALLAH? is the 1 TRUE? GOD.December 21 is Judgment? Day.If you worship ALLAH? and you repent and u obey the 10 commandments,after? December?? 21 u? r going? to Heaven.If? you don't worship ALLAH or dont believe ALLAH exists and u dont repent and u dont obey?? the 10 commandments,? after December 21 you?? r going? to? Hell for? eternity. ALMIGHTY ALLAH,Creator? of the Universe, forgive? me for all my Sins.Good Luck in the afterlife.Life? is a Test for? the afterlife.Obama is? the antiChrist.24 Days
#5 написал: zaki ahmad (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
omg this video uploaded on? my birthday :)
#6 написал: mikerainaldi0000 (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
i put my key in the door opened it n guess what i? saw?
#7 написал: TheNoahs2011 (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
No I'm David Mason? and im watching this in 2025
#8 написал: Simon102367 (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
People sleep? on him he still the best the greatest rapper alive
#9 написал: NickyDubbayou (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
Ems my ROLE MODEL. When i lost my poppop i was lost & his music helped me so much He inspired me to pick up a pen & create real music people can relate to or enjoy I put all my time into makin them, im not perfect but ill get better. Musics? all i have & what i turn to when it gets bad Its not a dream, its a reality & i gotta make it happen. I have the heart & determination If you could just take 3 minutes to help my dream&maybe youll give me a following that would mean alot. thumbs up please
#10 написал: jeremy2k7 (29 ноября 2012 05:12)
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