Backstreet Boys - Incomplete
27 ноября 2012

Backstreet Boys - Incomplete

Backstreet Boys - Incomplete
Music video by Backstreet Boys performing Incomplete. (C) 2005 Zomba Recording LLC
Каждый день выходят новые видеоклипы, и клип Backstreet Boys - Incomplete - не исключение!

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#1 написал: cindy tafur (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
u right gir!!l....a korean band? haha..this girl/boy has a real problems in her/his eyes or brain!! BSB the best boy band EVER ..and the best selling boy band ever..130? millons albums...and 40 millions JUST with Millennium!! KTBSPA!!
#2 написал: Angie Medina (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
Hello People Before you ignore me please just give me a chance I love singing since I was a little girl and it became my biggest passion Some people are trying to put me down but I keep my head up? and keep doing what I love to do Singing I can be who really I am and I have fun doing it. I've videos and I'd like that you stop by my channel and check it out You don't have to like me, just give me a chance to prove my talent It means the world to me Thank you!
#3 написал: TheSebastiansebb (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
wearetheworld97: are? you fucking stupid...for real -_-* bsb is not a fucking Korean boyband. How the fuq can you even think that they are korean at their looks!!
#4 написал: Mariel Molina (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
there's no boyband more talented than the? bsb, i bet u are just a kid, probbably that is why u don't know why they are called the best ever because they actually are THE BEST BOYBAND EVER.
#5 написал: Mariel Molina (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
bsb is the best boyband ever, I think you are the only one that knows ... what was the name again ?? hahahha tvxq??? what a joke !!! by the way, with the bsb we all can appreciate everything about them, form their dancing, their sweetest ang amazing singing, their beautifull and great songs that will last for ever and the great people? they are as human been, and I haven't said all the reasons why they are the best, maybe u can get an idea by listening to them, i m sure you'll learn a bit.
#6 написал: Sylwia F (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
Pi?kna? piosenka < 33
#7 написал: wearetheworld1997 (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
Don't talk about talent ... they are korean boyband , right ? i don't hate korean but to be honest , after watching their MV , the only thing i appreciated about them is dancing :| , and they are definitely not the best boyband :| ?
#8 написал: Chan3lprincess16 (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
They are more talented and do great acapellas?
#9 написал: Diana DianaDiana (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
#10 написал: ronhill1981 (29 ноября 2012 04:57)
I'm 31 but when I listen to them,? feel like 15 again. Gosh, I'm an old cow.... >:( But I still love them! <3
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