Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
24 ноября 2012

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
Music video by Michael Jackson performing You Are Not Alone. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.
Думаю, если будет больше таких хороших клипов как Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone - станет радостнее.

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#1 написал: kavitz22 (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
he's pure from inside?
#2 написал: barnesfam (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
Please, guys, this is important. Vote for Michael Jackson Google Most Famous Person? 2013 Michael is? at #2. Help Michael win!
#3 написал: pikulkaeo5362 (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
He was so sexyyyyy.?
#4 написал: kala chan (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
part 1 english people? in australia always..show that they r real australians..and they call us indians , chinese or japanese.doesnot matter if someone born in australia.whether any english who came from england can straight away claim that he is aussie.hahahaha...and they dont like to call themselfs english..they think they deserve to be called aussie cos they attack one country without any warning , without any reason,killed many real australians(aboriginals)
#5 написал: Jenelle Simeon-baynes (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
I wish he was still alive I love and miss him sooo much.I know it won't happen but he will live on though his music.?
#6 написал: ticktockgunshott (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
would this skin disease kill him? no, so why completely bleach out your? skin and then do plastic surgery to match a white mans structure im no racist here but be proud of who u are and how god made u he makes no mistakes rip mj he had a great soul
#7 написал: VALDIR5077 (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
michael jackson 100000?
#8 написал: Laryssa Tervail (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
CMON PEOPLE, VOTE FOR MICHAEL TO BE THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN? 2013 HE DESERVES IT! I could not handle it if Lady Gaga won, I couldnt. So vote! Please!
#9 написал: 35jazzie (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
We lost a Legend! No one could ever replace his talent, he truly is the King Of Pop, Soul and Rock. <3 Long Live The? King Of Pop. Forever in Our Hearts.
#10 написал: Alan M. (26 ноября 2012 04:32)
Love? the song, but the scenes with Lisa Marie are just ridiculous. I mean, really!
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