We are the Party by The Ex Girlfriends featuring Lupe Fuentes
24 ноября 2012

We are the Party by The Ex Girlfriends featuring Lupe Fuentes

We are the Party by The Ex Girlfriends featuring Lupe Fuentes OFFICIAL VIDEO
Hola Youtube, Its Me Lupe Fuentes (aka Little Lupe). Please help me share my first ever music video for my new group The Ex-Girlfriends with the world! Please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and of course SHARE! Help make music independent, The power is all yours! Check out all the links below, and dont forget... "we ARE the party" itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-are-the-party-single/id577460000 Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Ex_Girlfriends_We_Are_the_Party?id=B2ubpmcv2vwkppc5eiceas34mtm&feature=search_result# twitter: https://twitter.com/exgirlfriends facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheExGirlfriends myspace: www.myspace.com/theexgirlfriends youtube: www.youtube.com/theexgirlfriends tumblr: theexgirlfriends.tumblr.com/ instagram: web.stagram.com/n/theexgirlfriends/ This is the first single from the A-POP music group THE EX-GIRLFRIENDS starring Lupe Fuentes WE ARE THE PARTY is presented by SINNERGY Entertainment. Single available on Itunes, Amazon and more. For more info check out www.theexgirlfriends.com ( FYI all the girls in the Ex-Girlfriends super petite...5 feet and under ) Special thanks to our amazing choreographers Aisha Francis and Draiko. We love you guys!
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#1 написал: lowlypeasant (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
Vagina? pooosey
#2 написал: schaima47 (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
Wtf? how shiittt
#3 написал: vonKeebler2012 (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
Horrific is correct. I'll never regain function from the? brain cells they killed.
#4 написал: Mimi McGuinness (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
It's fucking stuck in my head?
#5 написал: MusicTrance4you (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
what the fuck is this? shit?
#6 написал: Michal Magalski (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
btw this is her? pornsite ilovelupe
#7 написал: elsolp (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
is this some kind of? joke
#8 написал: M0M0230 (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
OMFG WTF is this shit?
#9 написал: M0M0230 (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
OMFG? what the fucq is this shid go burn in hell u stink like a century old shid
#10 написал: Ultraseven21 (25 ноября 2012 16:09)
Its because, Lupe Fuentes, was a porn star a few years ago... just type "Little Lupe" on google or on? "xvideos" and you'll find her
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