Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 ft. Slash
23 ноября 2012

Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 ft. Slash

Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 ft. Slash
Music video by Rihanna performing ROCKSTAR 101. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group
Каждый день выходят новые видеоклипы, и клип Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 ft. Slash - не исключение!

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#1 написал: Kirt Roden (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
Hahahaha,Rihanna just made a big mistake She did not remember to switch off her web cam and guess what happens You can view her? have fun with her cunt Watch the video 100 % free here : rihanna-sex-videos.me.pn
#2 написал: BKIBANEZ1 (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
hottest??? photos? of??? Rihanna???? here? hotcelebrities-vk.blogspot.com­­?
#3 написал: Rafael Abdi (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
Right this? moment a hacker leeched a whole new fuck video clip with the bitch Rihanna View the entire thing right here : rihanna-sex-videos.eu.pn hahahha,this particular girl is so dumb
#4 написал: iSlash96 (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
singing someting you dont mean is like saying something you dont mean. why say it when you're not even agreeing with the thngs comming out? of your own mouth?
#5 написал: yfzsteve97 (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
no? guitar sredding, nope. not good eough. back to led zep ;)
#6 написал: Keno965Gaming (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
Because she's a POP star, not? a ROCK star.
#7 написал: staralist (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
I disliked this? video because she makes it so obvious that she's in the illuminati, but God she makes it so hard to hate her music.
#8 написал: TronkyLizard (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
as in the song and video? yea, thousands of? people do, My negative "review" (if anybody can even call it that) is a subjective opinion. all music is subjective :)
#9 написал: MrSiter1 (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
She is not a rockstar lol. NOBODY is saying she's a rockstar. She didn't even write this song,? she just sang it. So, no, Rihanna is not saying she's a rockstar, she just chose to sang it. She's 100% popstar. Never did Rihanna say that she was a rockstar.
#10 написал: Brian Thompson (25 ноября 2012 14:56)
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