Scooter - David Doesn't Eat
23 ноября 2012

Scooter - David Doesn't Eat

Scooter - David Doesn't Eat
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#1 написал: BlackV1ruZ (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
2:56 - What face expression was that? Not feeling lucky to have found a coin? ?
#2 написал: Socjologia Socjologia (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
:*:*:* ?
#3 написал: Rocket88Angel (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
Scooter with niggers... lmfao..pls kill? me now.
#4 написал: axlrosea675 (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
not just that. one overriding problem: lack of originality. most of their songs draw heavily on other artists - with a big emphasis on stuff that enhances the possibility of success. like this one. ?
#5 написал: Ambelion1980 (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
H.P. THE BEST fantastic? futuristic music !!!
#6 написал: RetardProductive (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
idee gut umsetzung? Schlecht :(
#7 написал: uggamaster (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
Alright, guys, let's be reasonable. Scooter is changing, and there's? nothing anyone can do about it. I'll be honest, the first time I saw this video I left a hate message about how Scooter is dying and that they were stepping away from good music, but it's grown on me. I'm talking to all hardcore Scooter fans out there: who are we to turn our backs on them when they decide to change it up? They trusted their fans enough to change a little, and the true fans will embrace it. Hell, I do!
#8 написал: Christhefaithful (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
auto tune is a great tool to use? for enhancing some songs but not when you use it in pretty much everythin) g you make (ie lil wayne
#9 написал: Артур Чемпион (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
Haters Must Die!Scooter? the best!
#10 написал: Creziman (25 ноября 2012 14:14)
but he can sing too, like he sang i was made for loving you. autotune was just added? for the effect in this song.
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