Owl City - Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher
28 ноября 2012

Owl City - Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher

Owl City - Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher
Get Alligator Sky on iTunes - bit.ly/jU3pgD Get Alligator Sky on Amazon - amzn.to/iApnnE Music video by Owl City performing Alligator Sky. (C) 2011 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Owl City - Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher - классный видеоклип.

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#1 написал: GamerzTotal (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
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#3 написал: dylanize1 (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
Hmm what else? could you say...his name! =O oh jeeze never thought of saying Shawn Chrystopher did yuh...
#4 написал: christ7warrior3 (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
This is the internet, you? must be new here,
#5 написал: Vorak Grox (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
I like this song. Allthough,? it souds like they are singning a love song to eachother... Funny.
#6 написал: rens0147 (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
Seriously guys,? why does one black guy in a video immidieatly lead to a lot of racist sh*t? If you don't like it that someone's darker then you are. Please just keep it by yourself, and we shouldn't give a f*ck about what they're saying. Oh, and the "black guys" name is shawn, so use that. Btw, great song, by both Adam and Shawn :)
#7 написал: loijohn (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
i? know it is stupid to ask the question:" where the fuck is everyone else???" ;P but where are they??? XD
#8 написал: weeman MC (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
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#9 написал: aabfan1 (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
So if someone asks me if im racist, i have to? say yes?
#10 написал: cookieaddict16 (30 ноября 2012 11:08)
So don't listen to the rap version. Problem solved.?
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