Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
27 ноября 2012

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
Music video by Britney Spears performing ...Baby One More Time. (C) 2003 Zomba Records
Нам очень нравится клип Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time. Надеюсь понравится и Вам.

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#1 написал: doda4755 (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
bardzo a? to bardzo fajna piosenka :D nie wiem czy nie najlepsza ... bo teraz to taki ch?am :)
#2 написал: Tran Hai (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
Britney-Forever love?
#3 написал: nikitas tziallas (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
Britrey? Spears....<3....4ever
#4 написал: Egor271088 (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
Britney + Madonna =? idols of my childhood
#5 написал: BlEaDmAsT3R (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
"People watch? his video just because of the dance, not because of his voice" LOL You need to be updated, PSY just beaten JB. GS is the most viewed video.
#6 написал: Jeffrey Porcalla (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
my hairs all over my body rises when I? saw this video all over again!
#7 написал: zoecastillo717 (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
Britney makes a great judge on the? Xfactor. Love her
#8 написал: PeeEmz (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
I don't say that his song is bad. Yeah, he can't sing but he? has a good song, he's so lucky to got that song. People watch his video because his dance, gangnam dance, not because his voice. Remember, Bieber has more viewer than Psy, but will you say that Biber voice is good?
#9 написал: BlEaDmAsT3R (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
Adele* If he can't sing then how the fuck did his video get 810+ million views and 5 million+ likes? If his song? was THAT bad nobody would even watch it.
#10 написал: PeeEmz (29 ноября 2012 10:48)
what?? oh, come'on.. 2012 music industry saved by Adelle. Psy is? just act funny, he can't sing
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